Mark It Place-- by the Sol.iLLaquists of Sound

We went to see the Sol.iLLaquists of Sound at the Annex and they were amazing. The song is not silly, despite our dancing, and definitely worth a listen on its own. Chris's dance move at the end is hilarious. To be honest, all his dance moves kind of trump Ariel's and mine. word.


summer silliness

Hit it Hard, by the Peaches.


my brightest diamond covers prince

this girl's voice stretches out my heart muscle. The video is not in sync, but if you can listen to it, it'll haunt you.

sufjan stevens covers R.E.M.


This is part of an animated music video I am working on. It's done the old fashioned way-- frame by frame line animation. I've drawn roughly 600-800 images so far.

ginger chewing challenge

The roommates, on a particularly chilly evening, dared me to eat an entire bag of ginger chews. It was much more difficult than it looks. I was, however, able to shed my arctic gear without getting cold once the challenge was completed.

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