Littlest Birds-The Be Good Tanyas, Lip Dub

Ariel and B add to the lip dub phenomenon. Easy Breezy.


tin said...

Thank you for having this site.
Thank you for singing this song.
Tell Ariel to put on some sunscreen.
Thank Chris for playing along.

nicole said...

so. being a resident of detroit my car sterio as well as the shitty cd player hooked up to the tape deck of another car sterio, have been stolen several times. twice the be good tanias were in the player, once, it was prince. i still havent re-aquired these cd's. but i also dont own a car anymore so maybe its okay to get them again.

(your blogs are great. i have nothing to reciprocate with. i usually specialize in pel pals with strange things i find, and i dont get along well with technology)

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