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I saw Jon Coulton perform last night. He sang a song about body augmentation, and I was reminded that hundreds of thousands of women in our culture alter their bodies via medical and behavioral practices in sight of the female ideal. It has been my experience that this ideal is non-realistic for most of us, and hating our bodies leads to a myriad of health issues, mental and physical. It is a constant topic of discussion amongst my female friends and myself. Television won't show female nipples, but male nipples are fine. Why? And why is it more appealing to look like a pre-pubescent than a woman?

The media is not going to stop feeding us these images, so the choice becomes a personal one. In the words of Lisa Germano, "What's going in is coming out, you can't escape that." Some of the images are unavoidable. You cannot go through a checkout line without being bombarded with tabloids and celebrity diet insanity. But you can choose what movies you see, how much television you watch, what magazines you read, etc.

That, and I think women should be able to walk around without their shirts on. Then, maybe we'd become desexualized enough to stop hating our breasts and our bodies.

and ladies, 'Shake whatcha momma gave ya!'


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