The Mathematicians

For Ariel, with love.


dan said...

Always with the awesome videos. Thanks again! Monday Morning saved by Operation Bumblebee

Awed Job said...

Little Beanie and I Danced along with you all. What fun.

Btw, Bun now carries around raspberry jam tied up in a red handkerchief because the hedgehog in the fog animated shot.

tin said...
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B said...

AWWWW little Bun! That's so precious!
Glad to bring a little fun!

Garett said...

Hi B. This is Garett. I miss you guys. I love you and tell Matty that I love him too. Wisconsin for xmas???!!!

Anonymous said...

It's like watching the various ages of Bumblebee dancing at the same time.


Ariel said...

for me, hoorah!

i still love it. we'll see if we can't figure something out that would rock with the socks.

And Awed Job, that is awesome about Bun, so great!

B said...

Thanks everybody! Garett! No Wisconsin for xmas, no $$$$. Portland might not work out, though, so I might be back there this summer:):(

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