Littlest Birds-The Be Good Tanyas, Lip Dub

Ariel and B add to the lip dub phenomenon. Easy Breezy.


Operation Bumblebee #6-- Lovin' the Lovely

6th show. I'll do at least one a week, sometimes more, and always dependent upon when the man sets me free and I have a day off.




so, I'm going to be putting up a new show every week.
It sounds like I say "illegalize same sex marriage" but I'm really saying "legalize".
I no speaky so good.


Leslie Hall Dance Video-Can't Stop the Gems (Jams)

Unofficial music video for a Leslie Hall Song. Thanks to Chris, Laurel, and Ariel. When 2 families unite, we conquer the world!

Thanks to Ariel, Chris, and Laurel.

visit lesliehall.com


b and chicken

b and chicken
Originally uploaded by habile_bee.

This is my cat. She's magic. I imagine she's like Falcor from the Neverending Story, and can fly me across land and sea. Taken by aubreyedwards.com



ghostride the whip


Ariel found this. It's for Chris.
If you don't know what it's referring to, youtube it.
EFT, yo.

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